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Cassocks - H-101 - Qwick-Ships

Cassocks - H-101 - Qwick-Ships

Murphy Robes
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Robes & Apparel Cassocks - Qwick-Ship
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Product Description

This all white clergy cassock is ideal for Communion Sundays. Ready to ship the next business day following factory receipt of order, and backed by our Qwick-Ship Guarantee of Satisfaction.Tailored in non-yellowing white Viva with a soil release finish. Convenience and tailoring features include: Removable tab collar - Button front closure - Inverted pleats in side and center back seams - Lining to waist with inner vest pocket - Right pocket slit and left full pocket. Select size by: Chest Size, Height, and Sleeve Length.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Murphy Robes
  • Producer: Murphy Robes
  • SKU: 1412_H-101
  • Vendor Code: H-101

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