Book Cover: Daniel 1-7: Prophecy As History (Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)

Daniel 1-7: Prophecy As History (Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)

This bookThe book "Daniel 1-7: Prophecy As History (Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)" was written by William H. Shea and it has 184 pages for you to enjoy.

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Daniel 1-7: Prophecy As History explores the historical background and prophetic significance of the first seven chapters of the biblical book of Daniel. Written by esteemed author William H. Shea, this book is an extensive study of the prophetic visions and events recorded in Daniel's early years of service in the Babylonian court.

In this comprehensive volume, Shea combines his expertise in biblical scholarship and archaeology to provide readers with a detailed analysis of the historical context in which Daniel lived. Drawing from a wealth of ancient Near Eastern sources, he delves into the political and cultural aspects of the Babylonian empire, offering valuable insights into the challenges faced by Daniel and his companions as they maintained their faith and identity in a foreign land.

Shea's meticulous research also sheds light on the prophecies contained in the early chapters of Daniel. By examining the visions of the statue, the fiery furnace, and the four beasts, Shea demonstrates how these specific historical events were intricately interwoven with God's unfolding plan for His people. Through his careful analysis, he helps readers understand the profound symbolism and significance of these prophecies and their relevance to both ancient and future times.

In addition to unraveling the historical and prophetic elements of Daniel's experiences, Shea skillfully addresses various interpretative challenges and controversies surrounding the text. He engages with differing viewpoints and provides a balanced and informed analysis, allowing readers to develop a deeper understanding of the book's meaning and timeless messages.

Daniel 1-7: Prophecy As History is a scholarly yet accessible resource that scholars, pastors, and serious students of the Bible will find invaluable. Shea's meticulous research and clear writing style make this book a compelling read for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of the historical and prophetic significance of the early chapters of the book of Daniel.

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TitleDaniel 1-7: Prophecy As History (Abundant Life Bible Amplifier)
Author(s)William H. Shea
ISBN9780816313419 0816313415
PublisherPacific Pr Pub Assn
Page Count184 pages
Publication Date
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