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Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World

This bookThe book "Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World" was written by Patricia Crone, Michael Cook and it has 277 pages for you to enjoy.

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Hagarism is a groundbreaking work that challenges the traditional view of the origins of Islam. Written by Patricia Crone and Michael Cook, the book presents a radical reinterpretation of early Islamic history. The authors argue that Islam did not emerge in its present form as a distinct religion until the late eighth century, and that the traditional accounts of the religion's origins are largely mythological.

The authors' central thesis is that the Islamic religion began as a fusion of various Near Eastern religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, and pagan Arabian cults. They trace the origins of this fusion to the Arab conquests of the seventh century and the interactions between the conquered peoples and the Arab conquerors. According to the authors, the early Islamic state was much less centralized and organized than traditional accounts suggest, and the religion itself was still in a fluid and evolving form.

One of the key arguments presented in the book is the authors' contention that the traditional accounts of the life of the Prophet Muhammad are largely fictional. They suggest that the figure of Muhammad was invented as a political symbol to unite the Arab tribes under one banner. The authors point out that many of the details of Muhammad's life and activities are either implausible or based on later hearsay.

The book also challenges the traditional view of the origins of the Islamic scriptures, arguing that the Quranic text was not standardized until the eighth century. The authors suggest that the early Islamic community was fluid and diverse, with various groups holding different scriptural texts and traditions. It was only after the eighth century that a standardized Quran emerged as the authoritative text of the Islamic religion.

In conclusion, Hagarism is a bold and controversial work that challenges the traditional view of the origins of Islam. The authors' thesis challenges many of the core assumptions underlying traditional Islamic studies, and has generated considerable controversy and debate. Despite its controversial nature, the book has had a significant impact on the field of Islamic studies and continues to be widely debated and discussed.

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TitleHagarism: The Making of the Islamic World
Author(s)Patricia Crone, Michael Cook
ISBN9780521297547 0521297540
PublisherCambridge University Press
Page Count277 pages
Publication DateThursday, February 28, 1980
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