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Holy Bible: King James Version - Kids' Study Bible

This bookThe book "Holy Bible: King James Version - Kids' Study Bible" was written by Lawrence O. Richards and it has 1600 pages for you to enjoy.

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The Holy Bible: King James Version - Kids' Study Bible, authored by Lawrence O. Richards, is a comprehensive and engaging resource designed specifically for children. This study Bible presents the timeless teachings of the King James Version in a child-friendly manner, making it accessible and relatable, while still maintaining the integrity of the original text.

Featuring colorful illustrations, engaging stories, and thoughtful study aids, this Kids' Study Bible aims to help children better understand and apply the teachings of the Bible to their lives. The book includes various study tools such as maps, charts, and timelines to provide additional context and support for young readers.

One of the key highlights of this study Bible is its emphasis on interactive learning. Through thought-provoking questions, activities, and quizzes, children are encouraged to actively engage with the text and explore its deeper meanings. By doing so, they can develop a stronger understanding of the Bible's teachings and cultivate a lasting relationship with God.

Not only does the Kids' Study Bible break down complex concepts into bite-sized explanations, but it also addresses various themes and topics relevant to children's everyday lives. The book offers insights into issues such as friendship, fear, forgiveness, and more, providing children with practical guidance and wisdom from a biblical perspective.

In addition to the rich content, the Kids' Study Bible also incorporates a comprehensive cross-reference system, enabling children to make connections between different passages and better comprehend the Bible as a whole. This feature fosters a holistic understanding of Scripture and helps children develop a deeper appreciation for its teachings.

Overall, the Holy Bible: King James Version - Kids' Study Bible is a valuable resource that combines accessible language, engaging visuals, and interactive learning tools to make the Word of God come alive for young readers. By encouraging children to explore and understand the Bible's teachings, this study Bible lays a strong foundation for their spiritual growth and development.

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TitleHoly Bible: King James Version - Kids' Study Bible
Author(s)Lawrence O. Richards
ISBN9780310919094 0310919096
Page Count1600 pages
Publication DateSaturday, June 30, 2001
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