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This bookThe book "Loyally, Luke" was written by Pepper Basham and it has 384 pages for you to enjoy.

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Loyally, Luke by Pepper Basham is a heartwarming and emotional novel about love, loss, and finding oneself. The story follows Luke, a young man who returns to his hometown after his father's death. He is tasked with cleaning out his father's house and selling it, but he soon finds that he is not ready to let go of the past.

As Luke begins to sort through his father's belongings, he finds himself confronted with memories of his childhood. He remembers his father as a kind and loving man, but he also remembers the pain of his father's alcoholism. Luke struggles to reconcile these two sides of his father, and he begins to question who he really is.

In the midst of his grief, Luke meets Olivia, a young woman who is also struggling with her own past. Olivia is a talented artist, but she has been struggling to find her place in the world. She is drawn to Luke's kindness and strength, and the two of them begin to form a bond.

As Luke and Olivia grow closer, they help each other to heal their wounds. Luke learns to let go of the past and to embrace the future, while Olivia learns to believe in herself and her dreams. The two of them find love and happiness together, and they learn that it is possible to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Loyally, Luke is a beautifully written and moving novel about the power of love and the importance of family. Pepper Basham has created a memorable and relatable cast of characters, and she tells their story with compassion and humor. This is a novel that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.

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TitleLoyally, Luke
Author(s)Pepper Basham
ISBN9780840716583 0840716583
PublisherThomas Nelson
Page Count384 pages
Publication DateMonday, May 13, 2024
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