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Once We Were Home: A Novel

This bookThe book "Once We Were Home: A Novel" was written by Jennifer Rosner and it has 288 pages for you to enjoy.

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Once We Were Home is a novel by Jennifer Rosner. It tells the story of a Jewish family who flees Nazi Germany in the 1930s and resettles in America. The novel follows the family through their struggles to adjust to a new life in a new country, as well as their efforts to maintain their Jewish identity. The novel is based on the true story of Rosner's own family.

The novel begins with the main character, Eva, and her family fleeing Germany in 1938. They travel to America, where they are met by Eva's uncle, who has already settled there. The family struggles to adjust to their new life in America. They do not speak English, and they are unfamiliar with the American culture. They are also discriminated against because they are Jewish.

Despite the challenges they face, the family is determined to make a new home for themselves in America. They learn English, and they start to make friends. Eva goes to school, and she makes friends with a girl named Sarah. Sarah's family is also Jewish, and they have also fled Nazi Germany. Eva and Sarah become best friends, and they help each other through the challenges of growing up in a new country.

The novel follows Eva and her family through their struggles and triumphs in America. They experience prejudice and discrimination, but they also find friendship and love. They learn to adapt to their new life, and they eventually come to feel at home in America.

Once We Were Home is a story of hope and resilience. It is a story about the power of family and friendship. It is a story about the importance of never giving up, even in the face of great challenges.

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TitleOnce We Were Home: A Novel
Author(s)Jennifer Rosner
ISBN9781250855565 125085556X
PublisherFlatiron Books
Page Count288 pages
Publication DateMonday, March 11, 2024
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