Book Cover: Santa Who?

Santa Who?

This bookThe book "Santa Who?" was written by Gail Gibbons and it has 32 pages for you to enjoy.

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Book Cover: Santa Who?

Santa Who?

The book "Santa Who?" was written by Gail Gibbons and it has 32 pages for you to enjoy.

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In "Santa Who?" by Gail Gibbons, readers are taken on an enchanting journey to uncover the origins and traditions associated with Santa Claus. Through a meticulously researched exploration, Gibbons uncovers the rich history behind this beloved figure.

The story begins by delving into the origins of Santa Claus through different cultures and their respective traditions. From the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas to the English Father Christmas and the Germanic beliefs in Christkind, Gibbons provides a comprehensive overview of how these various myths and legends have shaped Santa Claus as we know him today.

Gibbons also takes readers on a fascinating exploration of the historical events and individuals that have influenced the modern portrayal of Santa Claus. From the tales of Saint Nicholas, known for his generosity and gift-giving, to the influence of Clement Clarke Moore's popular poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas," the evolution of Santa Claus is beautifully woven together.

Readers will be captivated as they discover how different cultures celebrate the season and the ways in which Santa Claus is depicted around the world. Through Gibbons' detailed illustrations and engaging storytelling, readers will gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural diversity and global impact of Santa Claus.

Additionally, "Santa Who?" provides an insight into the traditions and practices associated with Santa Claus. From the writing of letters to Santa and hanging stockings by the fireplace to leaving out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, Gibbons illustrates how these customs have become an integral part of the holiday season.

Ideal for children and adults alike, "Santa Who?" offers a compelling and educational journey into the captivating history and traditions surrounding everyone's favorite jolly old man. Gibbons' meticulous research and delightful illustrations make this book a perfect addition to any holiday collection, allowing readers to truly understand and appreciate the magic of Santa Claus.

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TitleSanta Who?
Author(s)Gail Gibbons
ISBN9780439206853 0439206855
Page Count32 pages
Publication Date
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