Book Cover: Selichot--A Family Service

Selichot--A Family Service

This bookThe book "Selichot--A Family Service" was written by Judith Z. Abrams and it has 24 pages for you to enjoy.

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Book Cover: Selichot--A Family Service

Selichot--A Family Service

The book "Selichot--A Family Service" was written by Judith Z. Abrams and it has 24 pages for you to enjoy.

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Synopsis, Summary or Description

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"Selichot--A Family Service" written by Judith Z. Abrams is a spiritual guide for families to explore the themes of repentance and forgiveness through a traditional Jewish prayer service known as Selichot. The book offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of the Selichot service, including the history, background, and structure of the prayers.

The author contextualizes the Selichot service within the broader themes of the Jewish High Holy Days, specifically the celebration of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The book also provides readers with a clear understanding of the significance of Selichot within the Jewish tradition and how it can be used to deepen one's spiritual practice and connection to the community.

The heart of the book is the section that contains the actual Selichot prayers, which include Hebrew text, transliteration, and English translation. The prayers are organized thematically to facilitate a meaningful and immersive experience for families. The author incorporates commentary and insights to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the prayers, their meaning, and their relevance to contemporary life.

The book is designed as an interactive guide for families to experience the Selichot service together. The author provides suggestions for creating a family-friendly environment, including activities, discussion prompts, and reflections. The aim is to help families develop a sense of unity and shared purpose as they engage in a communal act of repentance and forgiveness.

Overall, "Selichot--A Family Service" is an informative, thoughtful, and inspiring guide for anyone interested in exploring the rich spiritual tradition of the Selichot service. The book is accessible to readers of all backgrounds and levels of familiarity with Jewish practice. It is a valuable resource for families seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect to their heritage and community.

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TitleSelichot--A Family Service
Author(s)Judith Z. Abrams
ISBN9780929371153 0929371151
PublisherKar-Ben Pub
Page Count24 pages
Publication Date
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