Book Cover: Shannon Taggart: Séance

Shannon Taggart: Séance

This bookThe book "Shannon Taggart: Séance" was written by Shannon Taggart and it has 298 pages for you to enjoy.

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Book Cover: Shannon Taggart: Séance

Shannon Taggart: Séance

The book "Shannon Taggart: Séance" was written by Shannon Taggart and it has 298 pages for you to enjoy.

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In her book, Shannon Taggart takes readers on a groundbreaking visual journey into the mysterious world of seances. The author spent almost two decades documenting the experiences of contemporary Spiritualism, which has been in existence since the mid-19th century. Her book is a study of the many aspects of mediumship and offers an insightful look into the culture of Spiritualism, which has often been shrouded in secrecy.

Through photographs, interviews, and archival research, Taggart explores the complex web of people that make up the Spiritualist community. She offers a glimpse into the world of mediums, haunted houses and other supernatural phenomena that have fascinated and terrified people for centuries. The book is an intimate account of the people and the practices that have given birth to the Spiritualist movement and highlights the complexity of a culture that has often been demonized in popular culture.

The author’s unique perspective on the Spiritualist culture is the result of years of immersion in the community. She has captured striking photographs of mediums in deep trances, seances in progress, and the eerie aura of ghostly figures lurking in dark corners. These pictures, coupled with insightful interviews, provide the reader with a rich and engaging experience.

Taggart takes a journalistic approach to chronicling the history and cultural significance of Spiritualism. She accompanies her photographs with research and commentary that reveals how Spiritualism played an important role in social and political movements, particularly in America. The book is a thoughtful exploration of a phenomenon whose significance and consequences are still being felt today.

In summary, Séance by Shannon Taggart takes readers on a profound visual journey into the mysterious world of seances, offering an insightful look into a culture often shrouded in secrecy. The author’s extensive research, coupled with striking photographs, provides an intimate account of the people and the practices that have given birth to the Spiritualist movement. The book invites readers to view the world of mediumship and haunted houses through the eyes of the people who have been drawn to it for generations. Tags: séance, Spiritualism, mediumship, haunted houses, culture, photography.

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TitleShannon Taggart: Séance
Author(s)Shannon Taggart
ISBN9781527236318 1527236315
Page Count298 pages
Publication DateMonday, November 25, 2019
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