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Summa Theologiae: Complete Set, authored by Saint Thomas Aquinas and published by Emmaus Academic, is a monumental work of theological scholarship that continues to inspire and shape contemporary thought. The Summa Theologiae is a compendium of Aquinas's understanding of human nature, God, ethics, and the Christian faith, and is one of the greatest intellectual achievements in the history of Western thought.

The Summa Theologiae is organized into three parts, each of which is introduced by a stimulating and erudite preface. The first part deals with God and creation, and includes discussions of the Trinity, the nature of angels, and the problem of evil. The second part focuses on the moral life, examining topics such as the virtues, sin, and the nature of human freedom. The third part discusses the life of Christ, the sacraments, and the end of human life in heaven.

Aquinas's central conviction throughout the work is that theology is not simply an abstract discipline, but one that is grounded in the reality of human experience and the divine revelation of the Christian faith. His methodology of using philosophical language and concepts to articulate Christian theology has become one of the foundational approaches to the discipline, and has influenced generations of scholars in the Christian tradition.

The Summa Theologiae has been studied and commented upon by scholars for centuries and has been translated into numerous languages, serving as an enduring landmark of Christian theological reflection. It remains a primary reference work for theologians and scholars in a variety of fields, demonstrating the ongoing relevance and importance of Aquinas's thought.

Overall, the Summa Theologiae provides a comprehensive and profound analysis of the nature of God, humanity, and the Christian faith, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in theology, philosophy, or the history of Christian thought. The work's accessibility and systematic approach ensure that it remains an essential tool for scholars and students alike.

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TitleSumma Theologiae: Complete Set
Author(s)Saint Thomas Aquinas
ISBN9781623400149 1623400147
PublisherEmmaus Academic
Page Count5256 pages
Publication DateTuesday, December 11, 2012
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