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The Ante-Nicene Fathers (10 Volume Set)

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The Ante-Nicene Fathers is a comprehensive collection of the writings of early Christian theologians and apologists. Spanning ten volumes, it includes critical works written during the period prior to the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325. The writings contained within this set present a significant window into the development of early Christian thought and the theological controversies of the time.

The first volume includes the works of Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp of Smyrna, all of whom were disciples of the apostles. The writings of these early church fathers provide a glimpse into the development of the Christian church and the theology that emerged in the decades following the death of Christ.

The second volume contains the writings of Justin Martyr, a philosopher and early Christian apologist who was martyred for his beliefs. Justin's writings are marked by his use of Greek philosophy and his attempts to explain the Christian faith in terms that would be understandable to the educated elite of his time.

Subsequent volumes include the works of early Christian theologians such as Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Origen. The writings of these early church fathers are notable for their attempts to systematically define the Christian faith and defend it against the various heresies that emerged during the period.

The collection also includes the works of lesser-known early Christian writers such as Clement of Alexandria, Hippolytus, and Lactantius. These writers offer unique insights into the diversity of early Christian theology and the various debates and controversies that emerged during the period.

Overall, The Ante-Nicene Fathers is an invaluable resource for scholars and students of early Christianity. It provides a comprehensive view of the theological landscape of the period and the diverse range of opinions and beliefs held by early Christian writers. The collection serves as a testament to the rich intellectual history of the Christian church and the ongoing effort to define and defend the faith in the face of changing social and political circumstances.

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TitleThe Ante-Nicene Fathers (10 Volume Set)
ISBN9781565630826 1565630823
PublisherHendrickson Pub
Publication Date
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