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The Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975)

This bookThe book "The Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975)" was written by Annibale Bugnini and it has 976 pages for you to enjoy.

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The Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975) provides a comprehensive account of the momentous changes that took place in the Catholic Church's liturgy during the mid-20th century. Authored by Annibale Bugnini, a key figure in the liturgical reform movement, this book delves into the historical, theological, and practical aspects of the reforms that reshaped the way Catholics worship.

Bugnini meticulously documents the origins of the liturgical reform movement, tracing its roots to the late 1940s and following its development until the mid-1970s. Drawing on his personal involvement in the process as a member of the Consilium for the Implementation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Bugnini offers unique insights into the decision-making and reasoning behind the various changes introduced during this period.

The book explores the theological foundations that underpin these reforms, emphasizing the desire to engage the faithful more actively in the liturgy and to make it more meaningful and accessible to contemporary society. Bugnini provides a detailed analysis of the documents and decrees that guided the liturgical renewal, including the landmark Second Vatican Council's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, which set the stage for subsequent developments.

Furthermore, Bugnini examines the practical implementation of the reforms, highlighting the challenges faced in reconciling the desire for unity in the liturgy with the diversity of local customs and traditions. He discusses the vital role of pastoral instruction and guidance in helping both clergy and laity navigate the changes and adapt to the new liturgical practices.

Throughout the book, Bugnini addresses criticisms and controversies that arose during the reform process, offering a balanced perspective on the debates surrounding the changes. Additionally, he reflects on the impact of the liturgical reforms on various aspects of Catholic worship, such as the language used in liturgical texts, the participation of the laity, and the introduction of new liturgical prayers and rites.

With its meticulous research, profound insights, and authoritative voice, The Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975) presents a valuable resource for scholars, clergy, and laity interested in understanding the motivations, processes, and outcomes of the transformative liturgical reforms of the mid-20th century.

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TitleThe Reform of the Liturgy (1948-1975)
Author(s)Annibale Bugnini
ISBN9780814615713 0814615716
PublisherLiturgical Pr
Page Count976 pages
Publication Date
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