Book Cover: The Rigveda: 3-Volume Set (South Asia Research)

The Rigveda: 3-Volume Set (South Asia Research)

This bookThe book "The Rigveda: 3-Volume Set (South Asia Research)" was written by Oxford University Press and it has 1728 pages for you to enjoy.

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The Rigveda is a comprehensive three-volume set that delves into one of the oldest and most important texts of ancient Indian religious and cultural heritage, providing a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, and students interested in South Asian studies. Published by Oxford University Press, this meticulously curated collection explores the Rigveda, which holds a significant place in Indian literature and is revered as one of the earliest bodies of sacred texts in the world.

Volume 1 delves into the history and transmission of the Rigveda, examining its origins, development, and significance within the ancient Indian society. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the Rigvedic hymns, offering an overview of their structure, composition, and the dynamics between their poetic and ritualistic aspects. This volume also delves into the socio-cultural context of the Rigveda, shedding light on the religious beliefs, linguistic features, and historical background that influenced its composition.

Volume 2 delves into the linguistic and stylistic aspects of the Rigveda. It offers detailed analysis of the language, vocabulary, grammar, and meter employed in the hymns, providing valuable insights into the poetic techniques and oral tradition of the Rigveda. Moreover, this volume investigates the rich mythological and metaphysical themes present in the Rigveda, exploring the symbolism and allegory employed in the hymns to convey deeper philosophical and spiritual concepts.

Volume 3 serves as an extensive reference guide to the Rigveda, providing annotated translations of select hymns. This volume presents a meticulous translation of the Rigvedic hymns, accompanied by detailed explanatory notes that elucidate the textual nuances, historical references, and cultural intricacies present in the hymns. Additionally, Volume 3 includes a glossary of Vedic terms, further aiding in the understanding and interpretation of the sacred texts.

By bringing together historical, linguistic, and interpretive perspectives, The Rigveda: 3-Volume Set offers a comprehensive and multi-dimensional exploration of this ancient Indian text. Its meticulous attention to detail, rigorous analysis, and rich scholarly insights make it an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Rigveda and its profound impact on South Asian culture, religion, and literature.

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TitleThe Rigveda: 3-Volume Set (South Asia Research)
ISBN9780199370184 0199370184
PublisherOxford University Press
Page Count1728 pages
Publication DateWednesday, May 21, 2014
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