Book Cover: The Theology of the Church

The Theology of the Church

This bookThe book "The Theology of the Church" was written by Charles Cardinal Journet and it has 475 pages for you to enjoy.

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Book Cover: The Theology of the Church

The Theology of the Church

The book "The Theology of the Church" was written by Charles Cardinal Journet and it has 475 pages for you to enjoy.

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In "The Theology of the Church," Charles Cardinal Journet delves into a comprehensive exploration of the theology surrounding the Church. Drawing from his vast knowledge of scripture, tradition, and dogma, Journet offers a dense and scholarly examination of the Church's nature, mission, and role in the salvation of humanity.

Journet begins by elucidating the essential characteristics of the Church, describing it as a divine and human reality that is both spiritual and visible. He underscores the Church's connection to Christ, as the Mystical Body of Christ, and emphasizes the importance of the Church as the channel through which Christ continues to offer salvation to all.

In subsequent chapters, Journet explores the Church's origins, tracing its roots back to God's covenant with Israel and its fulfillment in the New Testament. He delves into the establishment of the primacy of Peter and the apostolic succession, highlighting the role of the bishop as the authentic successor to the apostles.

Journet also delves into the sacraments of the Church, emphasizing their vital role in nourishing and sustaining the faithful. He explores the sacramental nature of the Church, and how the Eucharist in particular unites the faithful with Christ and with one another.

Furthermore, Journet delves into the mission of the Church, discussing its evangelical responsibilities and the ways in which it extends the message of Christ to the world. He explores the Church's relationship with other religions and ecumenism, highlighting the importance of dialogue and unity amidst diversity.

Throughout the book, Journet utilizes a systematic and analytical approach, drawing from scripture, the Church Fathers, and the magisterial teachings of the Church to support his arguments. His depth of knowledge and meticulous methodology make "The Theology of the Church" an invaluable resource for theologians, clergy, and anyone seeking a profound understanding of the Church's nature, purpose, and significance in the divine plan of salvation.

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TitleThe Theology of the Church
Author(s)Charles Cardinal Journet
ISBN9780898708882 0898708885
PublisherIgnatius Press
Page Count475 pages
Publication DateSaturday, May 29, 2004
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