Book Cover: These Truths We Hold

These Truths We Hold

This bookThe book "These Truths We Hold" was written by A Monk of St. Tikhon's Monastery and it has 394 pages for you to enjoy.

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Book Cover: These Truths We Hold

These Truths We Hold

The book "These Truths We Hold" was written by A Monk of St. Tikhon's Monastery and it has 394 pages for you to enjoy.

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Synopsis, Summary or Description

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These Truths We Hold offers a profound exploration of the Orthodox Christian faith, delving into both its theology and its practical applications. Written by a Monk of St. Tikhon's Monastery, the book provides a clear and accessible introduction to the core beliefs of the Orthodox faith, while also exploring the many nuances and complexities of this ancient tradition.

The book opens with a discussion of the nature of God and the Trinity, emphasizing the central role of Christ as our salvation and the Holy Spirit as our guide. From there, the author explores the sacraments of the Orthodox Church, including baptism, chrismation, confession, holy communion, marriage, and anointing of the sick. Through each of these sacraments, the author reveals the ways in which Orthodox belief is deeply tied to the tangible, physical world, and how the material aspects of our existence can be transformed and sanctified through our faith.

These Truths We Hold also delves deeply into the liturgical practices and prayer life of the Orthodox Christian. The author explains the significance of the various services and feasts throughout the liturgical year, revealing the beauty and power of Orthodox worship. Readers will gain an understanding of how prayer is an essential component of Orthodox spiritual life, and how this prayer can transform not only us as individuals, but also the world around us.

Finally, the book turns its attention to the practical implications of Orthodox faith, exploring topics such as stewardship, social justice, and spiritual disciplines. Through thoughtful reflection and practical wisdom, the author challenges readers to live their faith fully and authentically in every aspect of their lives.

Ultimately, These Truths We Hold is a powerful and insightful exploration of the Orthodox Christian faith, offering readers a deep understanding of both its foundational beliefs and its practical applications. Whether you are an Orthodox Christian seeking to deepen your faith, or someone looking to understand this ancient tradition for the first time, this book is an essential guide.

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TitleThese Truths We Hold
Author(s)A Monk of St. Tikhon's Monastery
ISBN9781878997326 1878997327
PublisherSt. Tikhon's Press
Page Count394 pages
Publication DateWednesday, June 30, 2010
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