Book Cover: Zen And The Art Of Pottery

Zen And The Art Of Pottery

This bookThe book "Zen And The Art Of Pottery" was written by Kenneth R. Beittel and it has 144 pages for you to enjoy.

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Book Cover: Zen And The Art Of Pottery

Zen And The Art Of Pottery

The book "Zen And The Art Of Pottery" was written by Kenneth R. Beittel and it has 144 pages for you to enjoy.

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Zen And The Art Of Pottery is a profound guide that beautifully reflects the philosophy of Zen Buddhism in the practice of pottery. The book serves as a delightful inspiration for budding potters and is written by a renowned artist and expert potter, Kenneth R. Beittel.

The book effectively bridges the gap between the two worlds of Zen philosophy and pottery and guides the readers to achieve a deeper understanding of what makes pottery a spiritual art form. Beittel relates his thoughts on the relationship between Zen's emphasis on mindfulness and the creative process of making pottery. Using examples from his personal experience, he deftly explores the interconnections between Zen and pottery, emphasizing that the two are not separate entities, but rather a deep integration of the inner self and the outer world.

As a primary objective, the author tries to convey the idea that pottery is not just the finished product but the process of creation itself. Beittel's insights are a valuable asset for someone looking to understand the spiritual aspects of pottery and the role of mindfulness in its creation.

Moreover, the author tries to blend his artistic philosophy with the elements and concepts of Zen philosophy, such as mindfulness, concentration, and stillness. He inspires the readers to develop an awareness of the present moment by becoming one with the clay. With the help of Beittel's expert guidance, the readers will learn how to experience the present moment more intensely, resulting in more fulfilling and creative pottery.

In conclusion, Zen And The Art Of Pottery is an informative and inspiring work that provides an insightful view of the practice of pottery from a Zen perspective. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the art of pottery and seeks mindfulness and peace of mind in their creative endeavors.

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TitleZen And The Art Of Pottery
Author(s)Kenneth R. Beittel
ISBN9780834802216 083480221X
Page Count144 pages
Publication DateWednesday, May 31, 1989
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